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Structure and Volume Earrings

EarringsStatement Pieces

Luxurious and all 100% handmade stud earrings.

These earrings are made entirely from sterling silver - 925

The design for these earrings derives from repetitive petal shaped details,that are carefully combined and

structurally built to create a powerful, yet feminine appearance.

The lightweight structure makes them easy to wear and comfortable for everyday use, if preferred, but will make an elegant, effortless and eye catching statement piece. 

Approximate height 8 cm or 3.14 inches. ( Please do understand, that sizes might slightly vary, as this product is all handmade and each piece is unique.) 

This design is also available fully or partially gold-plated. (Based on that, the price can differ)

* If you have any specific inquiry regarding the materials or size of these earrings feel free to contact me.


Sterling silver 925


Hight -
Width -
Weight -


Kristiana Pinne


Anne Boreiše